About Us

Family owned.

Dog Lover approved.

That Dog Life Company was established in 2020 during a time when more and more of us were looking to our beloved furry friends for comfort and stability. Inspired by the love of our own sweet dog, Duncan, we created That Dog Life Company. As dog owners, we know the deep love and appreciation you have for these beautiful beings and we want to give you opportunities to show that love.

Dog lovers are proud of their pets and each of us aims to give our dogs their best lives. Because of this, our dogs are living "That Dog Life" and it is one filled with love, fun and companionship! Show off your favorite breed when you drink your coffee, drive your car or hop on your laptop. Wear a fun trendy tee that lets others know how much you love being a dog mom or dog dad! 

We look forward to getting to know you and your beloved dogs! Come follow us on Instagram @thatdoglifecompany and like us on Facebook @ThatDogLifeCompany. Share a photo of your dog living "that dog life" and tag us! We want to get to know you too!

Much love and puppy snuggles,

Tara, Jeremy, Ella and Duncan